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Jacqueline Young

Chief Executive Officer

Jacqueline is the principal owner of the company and the only industry chief with an eye on your success. Following a diverse career as an international trade and marketing consultant to several Fortune 500 companies, an impressive tenure with AOL International and AOL’s online marketing, and a seven year career in a national direct sales company, Jacqueline offers a quality of personalized customer service like few others in the industry. Taking the challenge and making it her own, her quest is for your success.


Gordon Young


Gordon has followed up his career with the giants including AT&T, Qwest, GE, Nextel and Sprint. As an internal change management consultant for KBR (a division of Halliburton), Gordon coordinated large international initiatives where culture and communication played a large part in the success of the project. He earned his Masters degree in Instructional Technology. Gordon brings a keen understanding of project management and its impact on organizational culture to the classroom. Participants frequently comment that Gordon provides a lively, entertaining, and productive learning environment. Ask him about “Activity Man”.


Rob Jones, PMP®

Chief Engineer, Centridian Technology

Mr. Jones serves as the Chief Engineer for Centridian Technology Consulting. Prior to founding CTC, Mr. Jones served as Director of Hardware Engineering for the Integrated Communication Solutions Division at Parsons, Inc. With degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins University, Mr. Jones brings experience in communications systems, embedded design, hardware and software system engineering and project management. He has worked in both the commercial and government sectors and understands the unique challenges associated with these respective industries.