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4-Day CAPM® Course



Designed with your industry in mind, our program consists of a 12 month course aimed at stretching, innovating and challenging your team to grow in unexpected ways.

The focus of this program is aimed at the 2 essentials every company needs and wants: how to save money and how to make more money.

Our program is customizable. We work with you, to select those individuals in whom you see the potential for more. Innovators. Leaders. Coaches. These are the managers today who will lead us into tomorrow.

Our 12 month long program consists of one interactive day over a 6 month period. Training and discussion on a variety of topics from communications to proactive planning, and many more — this first 6 months focus on training one’s self and one’s team. The last 6 months are a greater challenge. Two days a month is spent in training and independent collaborative sessions. These months are also spent fine tuning the final product. The end of the program includes a presentation pitch to the executive team.

Powerful ideas come from these sessions. We have a proven track record of working with clients to make BIG changes come to fruition. Our program is challenging, engaging, and rewarding.

Additionally, we offer a catalog of courses available to add into your existing training programs. Our courses can be tailored to meet your time considerations as full or half day programs. These courses can be taught on site and are not offered as public classes. Courses available include the following:

  • Communications across Generations
  • Team Survival
  • Productive Meetings
  • Innovation 101
  • Innovation 102
  • The Art of Influence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Managing Millenials
  • Networking
  • Managing Difficult People
  • Money Talks

Management Skills Set (Some are full and some are 1/2 day trainings)

  • Finance for non-financial managers
  • Coaching & Feedback for Success
  • Leading Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Motivation/Engagement
  • Delegation
  • Management Styles

Project Management courses

  • Project Management 101 – Secrets of the sane PM
  • Project Management 102 – Communications Breakdown
  • Project Management 103 – Project Recovery
  • Project Management Certification Training (4 day, to sit for PMP® exam)

Please contact us for more information on these classes and to coordinate an opportunity to asses your needs.

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