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Presto Prep 4-Day Bootcamp



PrestoPrep is a division of YRG.

Ever been to an all day training, and been bored out of your mind?  Making grocery lists, doodling, anything until the hours go by?  Well, not in this class!!!

Our Presto Prep Bootcamp course is a mixture of education and entertainment – “edutainment” if you will.  We focus on intense explanation, repetition, and testing of PMI’s Body of Knowledge areas, and the five content areas of the PMI exam.  Yup, everybody else does that too.  But, we do it with humor and silly tricks that help you recall it — and not everybody else does that.  The class centers not just on the tenets of Project Management, as designated by PMI, but on concentration, focus, and retention techniques designed to ensure your recall skills are in top form.  If it was quirky or funny, you’ll remember it when the question comes up.

Developed by experienced instructional designers, we keep our classes small with no more than 15 attendees at a time – for your benefit. Small intimate classes allow students the opportunity to share and garner new understandings from each other and the instructor. It’s much easier for the instructor to be able to evaluate where your level of understanding is, at any given moment, and slow down or speed up accordingly.  All of our instructors are PMP’s with years and years of training, and intertwine their real life project management scenarios into the course.

With our classes, we believe that balanced meals and snacks play an important role in mental aptitude and cognitive recognition. Therefore for all of our classes, we provide healthy snacks for mental acuity all days of the course. You might not think this is important, but we bet you’ve had training where you’ve had 2-3 cups of coffee after lunch, right?  We’re not saying you won’t want a cup of coffee to go with the nuts, fruit, and possibly the cookie but you won’t need it just to stay awake and get through the day.

Our course is designed to complement the PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®, 5th edition) and assist you with your ability to recall key concepts, terminology and focus to pass the exam. Let’s be honest.  We want you to pass the exam, right?  We both want the same thing. Can’t we have a few laughs along the way?  We have developed and utilize unique mnemonics, acronyms, and scenarios to assist you in recalling concepts and understandings of the materials. And most of all, you’ll have fun. 

Whether you are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner, our class is designed to assist you in learning and retaining the standard terminology of the test practices with a clear focus on your success – a pass on the exam. We’ve have worked hard to make it a very practical and enjoyable, entertaining experience.  If we could give our Oscar awards, we would give our instructors awards for the “Best Performance in a 4-day Training Course”.  Our instructors and courseware are always up to date on any modifications the PMI may issue or include in the PMP® application or exam.

And, honestly, this class is about you and helping you succeed.  Getting those 3 little initials – P M P are all that matters.  Having fun along the way, is the whipped cream, nuts and cherry of the course. We’re confident we can help you pass first time out!  Try us and you’ll see what others have been telling their friends and co-workers for years.